5 Drinks You Should Take Often During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, you certainly look forward to that day when you’ll welcome your newborn baby. Therefore, you’ll want to take care of yourself and your baby effectively. Drinking abundant liquids is one such way to enhance yours and your baby’s healthy growth and development.

Since your body and that of your baby are mostly fluids during pregnancy, staying hydrated is essential to meet up with your expanding blood volume and the amniotic fluid production. Most of the needed nutrients are transported to the baby via the liquid medium, and thus you need enough fluids to support healthy fetal circulation in your uterus.

And with the necessary caution to avoid the consumption of liquids such as alcohol, which can result in Fetal Alcohol syndrome and loads of other adverse effects, here are five drinks you should regularly take as a pregnant mother for healthy growth and development.

1.  Pure and Clean Water

Water is a significant constituent of our body, and we, therefore, need to consume clean water often; however, as a pregnant woman, your body’s water requirement doubles. Consider drinking enough pure water, which functions as a significant source of your body’s fluids utilized for carrying oxygen and nutrients to your baby, similar to a pipeline that welders can weld with another for the transportation of materials.

With enough water in your body, your baby’s kidney will also filter wastes efficiently. Dehydration is a significant cause of headaches, cramping, dizziness, etc. you’re likely to experience during pregnancy, but you can prevent such when you take enough clean water. Highly recommended in your trimester period to prevent contraction that can cause preterm labor, staying hydrated by drinking enough clean water is essential during pregnancy.

2.  Fresh Fruit Juices

You also need to consume fresh fruit juices as one of your diet’s best energy sources. When you take plenty of fresh juices frequently, you can gain enough minerals and vitamins, which can render maximal benefits to you and your baby. Pure and fresh fruit juices will build up your immunity system and help you maintain a naturally glowing skin.

For example, the guava juice is a good source of vitamin C and will help you maintain moderate blood pressure and blood sugar. The liquid will also reduce your susceptibility to diseases. Other fruit juices like the carrot juice, orange juice, lemon juice, and apple juice offer many health benefits such as forming new tissues and red blood cells and reducing the risk of infant allergic diseases. However, avoid fruits like pineapple, papaya, grapes, and their juices as an expecting mother.


 3.  Pasteurized Milk

Milk is rich in calcium, proteins, and vitamins and is therefore highly recommended for pregnant women. By taking a glass of milk daily, you’re enriching your body with abundant calcium, helping you and your baby develop healthy and strong teeth. Milk will also provide the needed vitamin D you require to utilize the calcium you consume from the dairy product. Likewise, Vitamin D will reduce the risk of miscarriage and will keep your pregnancy safe and healthy.

Consuming abundant milk can also protect your child from severe lifelong illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, and will also boost his/her brain development. Taking enough milk during pregnancy can also make your child taller, have a lower risk of type-2 diabetes, and provide him/her with abundant proteins and amino acids to develop healthily during pregnancy. However, consume only the pasteurized milk: don’t drink raw milk as they might contain diseases carrying microbes which might be detrimental to your health.

4.  Coconut Water

Another liquid you can’t afford to neglect in your diet during pregnancy is coconut water. Instead of taking sugary drinks and beverages, consider drinking coconut water often as it contains plenty of minerals like phosphorus and can likewise boost your energy. It’s advisable to take the coconut water every morning as your empty stomach quickly absorbs the electrolytes and nutrients. 

Taking coconut water rich in potassium, sodium, moderate sugar, and vitamins, you can keep dehydration and morning sicknesses common during pregnancy at bay. However, to prevent excessive sodium intake and potassium minerals, you can consult a healthcare professional for the needed amount of coconut water to ensure moderation.

5.  Fruits and Vegetable Smoothies

Taking abundant smoothies will help you nourish your body with extra hydration and is also packed with ample ingredients and flavor to keep you and baby thriving. However, consider sticking with water or milk instead of excessive sugars. You can also add a healthy fat source like a peanut to make your smoothies more satisfying and enriching.


You and your baby can grow in sound health by maintaining a helpful diet within those nine months. Take the above liquids often and see the benefitting results that’ll surely follow. You can have a safe anti-natal, natal, and post-natal period.